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Partner Charities


WorldVision Canada 

Millions of children around the world are involved in the worst forms of child labour, are trafficked as sex workers, are forced to be soldiers, are married too young, are subjected to female genital mutilation, are beaten and abandoned.

85 million of the world’s children are sold or trafficked into 3D jobs: dirty, dangerous and degrading – the worst forms of child labour.  An estimated 15 million girls are married every year before they reach 18, some as young as eight or nine.

World Vision addresses child protection by working to prevent and respond to all forms of violence against children — including abuse, neglect, and sexual exploitation.

As an organization, we work to address the root causes of poverty and injustice in an integrated, holistic way.
World Vision supports:
  • preventing exploitation, harmful traditional practices and violence against children
  • protecting children living in vulnerable situations
  • restoring children who have been abused, neglected or exploited
World Vision’s approach to child protection involves strengthening the protective environment around children, as well as the children themselves.



The Citizens Foundation - TCF Canada 

TCF is a professionally managed, non-profit organization set up in 1995 by a group of citizens concerned with the dismal state of education in Pakistan. It is now one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of formal education. As of Academic 2015-2016, TCF has established 1060 purpose-built school units nationwide with an enrollment of 165,000 students. TCF encourages female enrollment and strives to maintain a 50% female ratio in most of its campuses. TCF has an all-female faculty of 8,900 members. TCF also has a dedicated Teacher Training Center in Karachi and Mansehra for the ongoing training of its faculty and provides logistical support to all its teachers. About 12,500 jobs have been created in communities in which TCF operates.

TCF Canada was formed in 2005 to support the education of underprivileged children. TCF Canada is run by a team of unpaid volunteers and is recognized by Canada Revenue Agency for tax deductibility of your donations. TCF Canada is audited by KPMG LLP.

The Citizens Foundation from The Citizens Foundation on Vimeo.




GiveLight Foundation

Our mission at Givelight, is to build and sustain beautiful homes for orphan children and provide them with long-term care and high-quality education. A vision to rebuild a future emerged just a few weeks after the December 26, 2004, Asia Tsunami. Our first orphan home in Aceh, Indonesia became a reality only a year later and since then Givelight has expanded to 11 countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka and supporting nearly 1000 children.

All our children go to public schools so they learn how to integrate with the larger community. But we also provide after-school private tutoring in English, Math and Computer Studies to enhance their education and give them a competitive edge. We also hold regular competitions such as 'Speech Competition', 'Math Marathon', chess, etc. which helps build their self-confidence, ability to speak in public and to think critically. Our homes not only provide a living residence but also include a library, computer lab and a multifunctional hall with a learning and activity center focussed on education. Volunteers from US and Canada teach our children over Skype and even spend their summers at the homes teaching the children various skills.

Our goal at a minimum is to get them to finish high school but with the focus on high-quality education, our children are aiming for college. Our oldest girl from Aceh home, Nursawami is now a working mother who gives back to Givelight. She was a recipient of a scholarship to a prestigious college and graduated with 3.8 GPA. One of our oldest boys, Mico received a scholarship from a Japanese Foundation with GPA 3.6. He's on his way to becoming a Scientist. Another one of our oldest boys, Alfin Nur, completed his studies from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Cairo, the oldest University in the world. He graduated with honours in December of 2016 and is now working in Banda Aceh.

The cost per child is $600 yearly for tuition including books and supplies. That’s just $50 per month.

Givelight Foundation is based in Santa Clara, California, US. It is a registered USA 501 (c)(3) organization with Tax ID: 562500794. Contributions to GiveLight Foundation are tax deductible.




 Breast Cancer Society of Canada 

Breast Cancer Society of Canada

“Inspired by one family's search for a cure, the Breast Cancer Society of Canada’s mission is to engage in grassroots fundraising that supports patient focused research for diagnosis, treatment and prevention.”

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada is a national organization with a family focused foundation, firmly established by Lawrence and Kay Greenaway, in memory of their daughter  Pam who died of breast cancer at 38 years old. She left behind two small children and a loving husband. The Greenaway and Kohlmeier families positively transformed their deep loss into a mission to raise money to fund the research that could ultimately cure this devastating disease.



663 million people – 1 in 10 – lack access to safe water; 2.4 billion people – 1 in 3 – lack access to a toilet. is dedicated to changing this. Through sustainable solutions and financing models such as WaterCredit, we can provide safe water and the dignity of a toilet for all.

Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, pioneers innovative, community-driven and market-based solutions to provide access to safe water and sanitation -- giving women hope, children health and communities a future. To date, has positively transformed millions of lives around the world, ensuring a better life for generations ahead.



In the early 1970’s, Dave and Grace Deppner served as volunteers in the Philippines, where they witnessed the human tragedy brought on by illegal logging and unsustainable land management systems. Working with community leaders in nearby villages, the Deppners found a way to offer hope. They revitalized lands by providing farmers with tree seeds, technical training and on-site planning assistance.

After returning to the U.S. from their overseas assignments they continued what they had started, communicating by mail with the project leaders and providing seeds, information and training materials. On August 14, 1989, Trees for the Future was incorporated as a public charity. Since then Trees has planted over 115 million trees in dozens of countries and revitalized hundreds of thousands of acres of soil while changing people’s lives forever.


Plan International - Because I am a Girl 

Every day, millions of girls around the world are denied their basic human rights – simply because they’re girls. Because I am a Girl is a global initiative working to end gender inequality and promote girls’ rights.



Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger

Founded in France in 1979, Action Against Hunger is a leading international humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger – with a special focus on children under five. Our programs save lives and provide communities with long-term solutions to hunger and its underlying causes. Action Against Huger Canada is integral to the effectiveness of our global efforts. In 2015, ACF International worked in 49 countries around the world with more than 6,000 employees and volunteers helping 14.9 million people in need.